webgen Introduction

A brief introduction of WEBGEN's website creation tool and how to get started with it.

Add pages

A shot clip explaining the steps for creating and adding a new webpage to the website

Edit banner, header and object

This video explains how users can add and edit banners, headers, footers and other objects using detailed editor.

Add/Edit content

This video lists steps on how to drag content designs and edit the elements with the detailed editor.

Add/Edit ‘Services’ objects

A short tutorial video on adding and editing services’ objects using WEBGEN’s detailed editor.

Changing and editing theme

A tutorial clip on how to change the theme of the website and how to add or change objects of the theme.

Edit site and page settings

This clip shows how users can edit the domain name, title, keywords, contact information and other settings of the website and the pages within.

Reset objects

A short video that explains how to reset the changes made to content, images and objects.

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