Terms of Usage

By using our services, you agree to the following, legally binding terms and conditions.

Description of Service

Webgen is a service; a platform for creating websites used by thousands in the world. The more we grow the more we care about our clients. One of such areas is to deliver the best to our clients at all costs. To make sure users enjoy uninterrupted, quality services, we have kept the right made some quality checks to which every user should agree. Before you proceed using our services, note that we reserve the right to reject any registration for any reason.

Acceptance of terms

Whether you are an individual or an organization, you show your consent to be bound by these terms when you use our services.

The term “user” and “member” refer to anyone who uses webgen website maker to create a website. Again, the user agrees to our terms the moment the user starts using our services or application or starts creating a website. Terms “we”, “vendor” and “us” refer to webgen, the website building platform. The guidelines user agrees to may change at any point in time, including our Application Developer Terms and Privacy Policy. The user not in agreement with our terms and conditions or the guidelines we have provided should cease the use of the services.


Every user is solely responsible for each and every activity conducted from the respective user’s account.

Webgen prohibits use of pornographic, nude, violent, obscene, offensive and every other indecent and inappropriate material and its use in the directory name.

Webgen renounces the claims focusing on guaranteed search engine rankings and social media likes or shares. Their practices may be gray or black and we disown all such websites and have the right to take immediate action against such properties if such a case ever arises.

Webgen disowns any website created by any of our users for the purpose of data phishing. We have put safe checks to monitor such activities and may take action against such users anytime.

Webgen cannot be held liable for the content on any user’s website. Any inappropriate content will be removed upon its discovery. The user’s account may also be suspended or even terminated for the violation of rules. Furthermore, user can be held liable for the content hosted on the user’s homepage. Inappropriate material includes: pornographic content, violent content, defamatory comments or elements that violate copyrights, patents or trademarks. Inclusion of material protected by trade secret law is also subject to inclusion. Content indecent for minors may also be taken down and the user, held liable.

In any case, the use of webgen.com for illegal purposes is strictly disavowed and webgen has the right to delete the content and take action against such user, person, or party.

Webgen requests all of its user base to behave in and engage with legal and appropriate manner. Every user should and must be careful of other users of this website building service.

Examples of inappropriate behavior and/or content include, but are not limited to:

  • Adult or related to pornography
  • Behavior that depicts or encourages stalking or harassment
  • Anything that relates to Warez or piracy
  • Hate, racism, sexism or any other form of bigotry or discrimination.
  • Behavior depicting intolerance
  • Invasion of other’s privacy
  • Material and behavior that can be questioned on the grounds of bigotry
  • Threatening, harassing, defamatory or abusive behavior
  • Behavior that is questionable or shows tortuous, libelous or any intentions of harm towards others.
  • Hacking and piracy
  • Anything that violates the rules laid down by the Government of United States or applicable law.
  • Elements pertaining to cracks or serials.
  • Anything related to spamming, phishing or any other illegal activity.
  • Webgen will immediately remove copyright files any time unless the user can produce the rights. Files include documents, videos, audio and every other type of content, software or program.
  • Webgen reserves the right to delete any content it finds inappropriate, inoffensive or in violation of other rules or policies laid down by webgen and the Government of the United States. User or the person/party having access to the user’s account agrees to bear the risk linked with the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any information, material or content.

Webgen can cancel its services any time and/or your account and cannot be held liable for the same.

  • Webgen recommends users to have a complete backup of everything. We cannot be held liable for files or data lost or corrupted.
  • Webgen cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, collateral, special or consequential damages arising out of usage or inability of usage of services offered by webgen to the full extent permissible under U.S. or any other applicable law.
  • Failure to log-in to your account within three months from last use will result in cancellation of your registration and deletion of your account. In such a case, webgen will treat your account as “inactive” and delete all of your data permanently.
  • Users who have not subscribed to our premium plans need to provide visible banner and copyright codes on their websites. Failure to provide visible evidence may result in cancelation or deletion of the account and the data.
  • Webgen prohibits any material, software or program that can harm, disrupt or deny service. Some of the software include BNC, psyBNC, Eggdrop, IRCD, Emech, Botnet, IRC, IRC bots, IRC plug-ins, scripts, clones and add-ons. Denial or disruption of any sort is forbidden and against the rules and engaging in such will result in immediate cancelation of registration and deletion of the account and the data.
  • All themes, templates, pictures or any other content hosted on webgen.com or offered by webgen are properties of webgen or its content providers. Every element of this property is protected by U.S and international copyright laws. Such content is offered to webgen users under license only and are not available for sale or unbridled use. The content’s usage is limited to the sites hosted by webgen.com and cannot be transferred to, moved to, or hosted on another web host or ISP.
  • Unsolicited Third Party Emails and Spam is Strictly Prohibited

    Spamming or sending unsolicited third party emails via webgen server is strictly prohibited by webgen

    Webgen also prohibits any form of commercial advertisement using our webgen servers or via any mode that misues a domain or email address maintained or hosted by webgen. webgen.com is the sole arbiter on what violates this provision.

    IRC or IRC bots are prohibited by webgen.

    Webgen prohibits the use of IRC and/or IRC bots on our servers.

    Webgen disowns and forbids any activity that abuses the customers or our servers

    Any user who intends or acts to abuse the customers or our servers will be held liable. We strictly forbid the users from using our resources to abuse or cause harm to others, individuals or organizations. Any action that attempts to abuse a customer or our server is prohibited by Webgen. We prohibit users to use our resources to cause denial of service attacks to anyone or any network. We also prohibit the use of our servers to interfere with or hamper others’ use of internet.

Refusal of Service

webgen.com cannot be held liable and has the right to terminate your account.

All rights to suspend, cancel or refuse services are exclusive to webgen. The account of the user failing to comply with the aforementioned terms and condition and guidelines will be deactivated and deleted

Webgen is still in BETA phase

Kindly note that webgen.com is still in BETA phase. The site is currently under BETA testing and may still have undiscovered and unintended bugs and disruptions. Your use of our services beyond his point signifies that you understand and agree to our terms and conditions and that you intend to participate in the BETA testing.

Free Domain:

To avail your free domain, you will have to provide your credit card information, for verification purpose. Your credit card will only be charged at the time of renewal. At any time, we can terminate any account on Webgen. You can only use 1 credit card for 1 Webgen account, to avail your free domain with our Basic Package.

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