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Attractive business website, stunning ecommerce store, or an engaging personal blog; get it all and more with Webgen website builder.

Webgen Website Builder

Is it hard to make a site that offers a perfect balance between fast load times, beautiful images and optimized text without losing the touch with convenience? Not with Webgen, the free website builder that lets you create stunning webpages in no time.

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Take full control

We know control is one thing users cannot compromise on. They want to have the autonomy to make a site that translates every idea in their head into reality. So we’ve made sure our drag and drop interface gives you just that – full control of every element.

Never miss out

Not everyone browses through a desktop or a laptop PC. The shift in devices used to browse is moving toward mobile devices. Don’t let them go away. Make every visit count with a mobile-ready website using Webgen.

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Make your brand resonate

Want to pick the name for your site that will resonate with users? Or have you already found a catchy name for your site? Webgen can make it happen.

Explore new grounds

Browse apps from our app store to explore new grounds and keep your site light-years ahead of competition.

One page may be all you need

Convey it all and get a conversion with our out-of-the-box landing page templates. Or create one yourself using our drag and drop dashboard.

You don’t have to pay for hosting

Why pay for hosting when Webgen is giving the most reliable hosting services to you for free? Let us host your site on Amazon servers.

Templates unlike any you’ve ever seen

Webgen brings plethora of beautifully optimized templates at your disposal because it understands how much it adds to users’ experience when they land on a beautiful page that is also easy to navigate.

Tailor everything to your liking

Once you fine-tune a template to your specifications, it can be a real star. Adjust the template to your liking or completely change its look; this editor lets you do it all.

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Raining stock images

If the template’s images don’t give you the feel, we have hundreds of stock images that surely would! Renovate your site and entice the audience with images they can relate to.

Let your website know no bounds

It is possible your business needs a page for every item or category like an e-store. Never let page limit define your business. Go Webgen and never run out on pages.

Respect for privacy

Mum’s the word when it comes to privacy because we understand the importance of management of confidential data and private pages. And this is why it’s on our priority list.

Spread your wings

We believe there should be no end to the limit of creativity, so we’ve integrated an HTML editor in our dashboard as well. Want to dazzle your customer with something out of the box? Use our HTML editor!

Breathe life into your website

Content is like the spirit of life seeking a vessel. That vessel can be text, audio and video. So if you want to bring the pages to life, integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos and music clips.

Keep them on their toes

With HQ backdrops, you can make sure the viewer never gets bored, even for a second. A couple of drags is all it takes to keep her on her toes with high quality backdrops.

When 2D feels too boring…

You will have to amaze them to get their attention. Give them a taste of 3D scrolling and browsing using parallax to build their interest and capture their attention.

Strengthen your inbound with blog

Loyal readers are more likely to convert. Webgen can help you develop a solid base with an engaging blog that will make them coming back for more.

Expand your loyal fan-base

Let others share the information that saved their life by providing them with sharing buttons on your website and your blog.

Personal website templates

Build a 21st century e-store

Give users the convenience of purchasing everything from home. Build a next generation ecommerce store to keep your customers pleased.

Liberate your customers

Customers should be able to browse and shop anytime they want. Redefine the word ‘liberty’ for them with your new e-store.

ecommerce template

Show them what convenience is

Ease the process of shopping for consumer. The ease in making a transaction is what seals the deal. Transform the visitors into returning buyers with the most convenient payment methods available.

Give customers the power to organize

Simplify the process of scheduling and managing appointments for your clients. Give them a taste of our organizing tools.

Mine a little deeper

Just when you think you know all about your visitor, dig a little deeper using Google Analytics integration.

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Cover every element of digital marketing

Your new webgen website is compatible with every element of digital marketing because it’s SEO-friendly and thus optimized for both inbound and outbound marketing.

Break the wall between you and you visitors

Eliminate all communication barriers that stand between you and your visitors. Engage with them for invaluable feedback. Listen to your fans and make your brand stronger and trustworthy.

Get familiar with Webgen

Watch the HD walkthrough videos and tutorials to get familiar with Webgen website builder like it’s the back of your hand. It’s that easy.

Uncover the answers

Our FAQ section is here to make your journey smoother. Let nothing stand between you and your new website.

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Don’t worry, we’re always here

Still confused with something? Don’t worry, our 24/7 customer support team is always glad to assist you with your website. All you have to do is give us a call or just shoot us an email.